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Fourteenth Doctor
No. seasons: Six
No. stories: 90
First appearance: Trick or Treat
Last appearance: Day of the Doctors
Portrayed by: Zac Morris
Preceded by: Thirteenth Doctor
Succeeded by: 15th Doctor (DrWho: Plan X)
Series: IBC

'All that I ever was makes me what I am. but I think on this occasion the point has been made a bit more clear'.

- 14th Doctor, Time Vigilante


His life mysteriously extended by an unknown force, this Doctor resembled a young boy about 13. His outfit was much like the Eighth's, with the exception of a tie and alarm clock instead of a pocket watch. He faced mainly returning villains, and travelled with companion Clive until mid-Fourth season.


  • Season One
  • The Key to Time: Trick or Treat
  • The Key to Time: The Republic of Peladon
  • The Key to Time: Skeleton Key
  • The Key to Time: Curse of the Cybermen
  • The Key to Time: Plight of the Daleks
  • The Key to Time: Planet of the Haemovores
  • Time Vigilante
  • Autons on Auction
  • 90 to Doomsday
  • The Loch
  • Rise of the Mechanoids
  • The Sontaran Invasion
  • BN-E: Time Lord's Best Freind
  • A Werewolf and the Gentleman
  • Troy Story
  • Port of Thieves/Nautical Nemesis

  • Season Two
  • The Graske
  • Like Clock-Work
  • Horror of the Vervoids
  • Sub-Zero
  • A Titanic Event/Breakdown
  • Dawn of the Daleks
  • Summer of the Slitheen
  • William Wallace
  • Lucky Thirteen
  • The Master
  • The Antmen
  • The Sontaran Extermination
  • Cybermenace

  • Series Three
  • Death and the Daemons
  • The Talons of Axos
  • Weird Weed
  • The Blast/Meltdown
  • The Curse of Tutankhamen
  • The Daleks of Athens
  • The Forgotten Reptiles
  • Robo-Day
  • The Rubix Cubes of Terror
  • Tomb of the Mechanoids
  • The Two Doctors
  • The Little Tramp Steamer
  • The War/The Marsfolk

  • Series Four
  • The Evil of the Mechanoids
  • The Master Plan
  • Film at Eleven
  • Dalek For President
  • The Greatest Intelligence
  • The Doctor and Detective/Victorian Cybermen
  • All Roads Lead To Axos
  • Matches
  • Revenge of the Zygons
  • Incaceration of the Teripetiles
  • Vengeance and Vervoids
  • The Danger of the daemons
  • Deepfreeze
  • Heaven Can Wait/Hell's Angels

  • Series Five
  • Sing or Die/Dale-X-Factor
  • Polar Pandemonium
  • The Monster of Mechanus
  • The Brain Museum
  • The Dominator's Conquest
  • The Brain Museum
  • Horror of the Last Cybermen
  • Arch-Duke/War of Death
  • Nimon the Time Beast
  • Zeebruge Crossing
  • No longer Paradise/Volcano Day
  • Return of the Autons/Plastic Pay Day

  • Series Six
  • Invasion of the Guinea Pigs
  • Valley of the Haemovore
  • The Nightmare Carnival
  • The Evil of the Arctic
  • Downpour
  • Trafalger
  • Stage Fright
  • Rubies, Royals and Rubans
  • Atlantis
  • Watch or Fry
  • The Table of Legend
  • The Space Trident: Dalek V Cybermen
  • The Space Trident: Two the Same
  • The Space Trident: The Claws of Omega
  • The Space Trident: Day of the Doctors 

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