Agents from Heaven (Promo)
Time Agent: Agents of Heaven
Doctor: NONE
Companions: NONE
Writer: David Blyth
Producer: Well Billt Productions
Release Date: 2009
Running Time: 44 Mins (22 mins episodes)
No. Episodes: 2
Following Story: Everyone Drinks from the Lane

Agents of Heaven is an audio drama based on the independently produced series Time Agent. It will be aired in two 22-minute episodes.


Agent Liam and the Time Agency investigate the private war waged by the protest group "Raindrop" and their enemies, "Patterns". However, when the two worlds collide with our intrepid heroes present, all of them are drawn deep underground, where they encounter The Briars, a twisted meeting of mind and machine


Set before the events of Dark Revelations


Originally intended to be released as five six minute mini-sodes, with an omnibus version to follow upon completion, the story will now comprise of two 22 minute episodes.

Episode One: Here

Synopsis: Agent Liam and Dan discuss the weather in a night consumed by unnatural fires past and present. Under lock and key, Agent Liam confronts activist Emily Norton Phillips. A new and innocent face to goverment is given his first murder A march through mud and a fateful order leads to a merciless double-ambush and the voice or reason silenced twice

Episode Two: After

Synopsis: Patterns and Raindrops come together as Ben, Danny, and Dan probe the nature of the two groups as The Briar's origins become much clearer. Liam and Stormdog Unit leader McClure, trapped in a limitless void, face the judgement of The Briars


Agent Liam

Agent Ben

Dan The Cyborg

Agent Danny

Emily Norton Phillips


Officer Abrams





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