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Another TARDIS Christmas
Season Number: Short Trips and Side Steps
Story Number: 8
Doctor: David Nagel Doctor
Companions: Mike
Writer: Michael Maher
Producer: DAM Productions
Release Date: October 2008
Running Time: 4 minutes
No. Episodes: 1 episode
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Santa Claus has gone missing and there is only two people who can find him... the Doctor and Mike.


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Episode EndingsEdit

  • 1. The Doctor and Mike have found Santa and return him to his workshop, he continues his job, delivering presents to all.


The Doctor: David Nagel
Mike: Michael Maher
Santa: Mark Bruzee
Elves/Rudolf: John Philips
Narrator: Scott Pollak


Sound Design: David Nagel
Music: Tony Diana
Cover Art:
Director/Producer: David Nagel

Production NotesEdit

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Streaming audio page @ damproductions.orge

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