1 – "Atoms of the Axos"
Doctor Who Time and Space episode
An Axon as seen in this episode.
James Burnell (Twelfth Doctor
Daniel Isaac (Zack Rogers)
• Jacob Edwards – Axon
• Troy Stone – Postman
Writer Daniel Isaac
Director Daniel Isaac
Producer James Burnell
Production code 1.1
Series Season One
Length 9 minutes
Originally broadcast 24 October 2009
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"The Changing of the Guard"

"Atoms of the Axos" is the first episode of the first season of Doctor Who Time and Space.


"An Axon, an energy eating vampire, it comes from the planet
Axos, a million miles away, they feed off pure energy, they're not usually like this,
last time I saw them they were, rulers of the world, but now they've evolved, taking the works of a vampire."

The Doctor speaking to Zack

Zack Rogers was having a normal day, until he met the Doctor, who was investigating a murder which had taken place outside Zack's house. Zack asks the Doctor what happened to the man, and he says to get indoors, pointing to a hooded Axon standing metres away on the hill. The two run inside after being chased by the creature and manage to make it into the living room. There the Doctor tells Zack of where the Axons come from. The Doctor then runs outside asking the Axon why it was here, the Axon replies that he was cast out of his home by the Daleks and came to earth to feed, and then kills a mailman who comes to the door. The Axon then breaks inside the house and is choking Zack. The Doctor asks him to put him in his place, but when he refuses he blows up a computer, which kills the creature. The Doctor then asks Zack to come with him, and he accepts.
The episode ends with the Doctor asking where he would like to go first, and Zack replies by saying anywhere, it's your choice, the Doctor then says that he'll make it a surprise.


A commentary was released on 27 February 2011 with writer, director, actor and creator Daniel Isaac speaking with producer, actor and co-creator James Burnell.

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