Billy Treacy
Origin England, United Kingdom
Occupations Actor, director, screenwriter, executive producer
Years Active 2005-present

Billy Treacy born in Ireland is rugby league player for the Treaty City Titans in the Irish Elite League. He is an Irish international.

He has been named in the Ireland training squad for the 2008 Rugby League World Cup.[1]


The first project worked on by Treacy was his series Doctor Poo, which started in 2005, which he produces, directs and stars in as the Doctor. The series has been released in three seasons from 2005-2009, with it's final movie The Alliance released in parts. The Alliance is confirmed to be the final official project relating to Doctor Poo. The unfinished film was released on WellBilltExtra on 2nd September 2012.

The most popular project he has worked on is Time Agent, which he co-produces. He also portrayed Agent Liam, the main character, before his departure. The show has run three full series and a series of specials since 2008 and is due to air a fourth series in 2013. He plays the same character in The Ultimate Conflict, a fan-film crossover feature-length film, alongside Jaime Carroll as Agent Mortis.

Two additional roles of Treacy were a scientist in The Timeless Mist, and the producer of his audience's show, First Contact. He may be playing a character in this series.

Treacy is also the head of WellBillt Productions, an amateur film production group. Treacy has spent a lot of time with his brother, Sebastian Treacy, and girlfriend, Ellie Boskett, making his new comedy series Mighty Gizmo, in which he stars as Frankie.

FiveWhoFans Edit

Over the past few years, Treacy has been an on/off member of FiveWhoFans , Originally playing the FiveWhoFans villain and later a backup member. After the departure of Jon Gransden, Treacy took over the Monday slot and ownership of the channel. Later when Gransden returned, Treacy moved to the Wednesday slot. After Treacy and Gransden left came the FiveWhoFans period of turmoil.

Eventually in Early 2012 after former time agent co-star Matt Williams uploaded a classic FiveWhoFans video, Treacy and Gransden were inspired to restart FiveWhoFans with a rebranding and reformat of weekly videos, Treacy became a member of the new team as the team second in command and yellow week operator, since the restart FiveWhoFans has been significantly more successful than the earlier periods.

Also during this time Treacy has taken on the role of one of the FiveWhoFans Doctors, 'The Pompous Doctor', a clear spoof of the sixth Doctor, channeling the First, Third & Sixth Doctors as part of his character.


Year Title Role Notes
2006-10 Doctor Poo Billy/Doctor Poo, other roles Creator, Writer, Director
2006 Doctor Poo- The Movie Billy/Doctor Poo/Dr. Number 2, other roles Writer, Director
2007-09 Doctor Who: The 11th Regeneration Various aliens Voice only. Also writer.
2008-2012 Time Agent Agent Liam

Stars in Series 1, Specials, Series 2 and Series 3.
Also writer, director, editor, executive producer.

2008-10 FiveWhoFans (Original Run) Presenter, The Villain, other roles The Villain in Era 1, Member in Eras 2 & 3, Leader in Era 2.
2010 Allan Rafferty's Doctor Who Ice Warrior Voice only.
Doctor Who After Death Ood Voice only.
2011-12 Mighty Gizmo Frankie Writer, director, editor, executive producer.
2012-present FiveWhoFans (Reboot) Presenter, other roles Member- Yellow Week, Wildcard Week. Second-in-Command 2012-14, Leader from 2014.
2012 The Alliance Billy/Doctor Poo/other roles Writer, Director
2013 Doctor Who: The TARDIS Keeper The Doctor In production; coming 2013 (TBA).
2013-present FiveWhoFans: Aimless Wanderings The Pompous Doctor, other characters Voice only, also Creator, Producer, Writer.
2015 The Ultimate Conflict Agent Liam Set between Time Agent Series 2 episodes "Redemption of Mortis" and "The Musical"

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