Bite of the Cromatrite
Doctor Who Time and Space episode
Twelfth Doctor (James Burnell)
David Ranch (Jacob Edwards)
Writer James Burnell
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"The Infected Earth" "Defiance of an Illusion"

Bite of the Cromatrite is the second episode of second season of Doctor Who Time and Space and is the first part in a two-part story


"This World will perish, and the human race shall follow!"

(The Cromatrite Doctor) The Doctor and David arrive on earth just two days after they left, but they soon discover that Crastoff the Cromatrite has indeed survived the events of Time Twins and is back eating wreckage from a back yard. The Doctor then tells David to hide behind some wreckage while he goes to talk to Crastoff.

Crastoff faces the Doctor and he tells him about all the events in which he was involved in, some including the events in The Changing of the Guard in which Crastoff was the one who sent the Virus back, and also that David was a previous accomplice of Crastoff. Crastoff then bites the Doctor while he is distracted and the Doctor becomes infected.

David now running for his life from some cromatrites comes around a corner and is saved by the 13th Doctor who had survived Time Twins but was now half timelord and half cromatrite. The two go to a warehouse to get some weapons to save the Doctor. Having got some weapons, David bids the 13th Doctor farewell just before the 13th Doctor shoots himself with a pistol. David now the only non-infected human rushes to sav the Doctor and kills Crastoff in the process, but now to late the Doctor surcomes to the infection and turns into a cromatrite leader.

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