Born Again
Written by:
Produced by:
Running Time:
3 - 5 mins
Release Date:
28th November, 2009
Next Story:

Plot Edit

The Doctor has regenerated from unknown causes. His companion, James Norman, is with him. He enters the TARDIS and the regeneration energy starts to kick in.The Doctor then takes James home because of the regeneration.

Continuity Edit

  • The Doctor is wearing the eleventh Doctor's blue suit.
  • The Doctor and James'  clothes are ripped.
  • The TARDIS is similar to the tenth Doctor's with a few differences.
  • The Doctor changes into Edwardian clothes.
  • James comes from New York.

Discontinuty Edit

  • At the start of Cold Heart The Doctor is wearing the Edwardian clothes.

      the start of cold heart was a test well the regeneration.

Behind the scenes Edit

  • This episode was going to be filmed for Children in Need
  • This was the first Doctor Who audio to be produced by DMCDW.
  • It is part of the secret "project"

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