Belgaphor 8th Doctor
Bullseye Eighth Doctor
First appearance: The Belphegor Inheritance
Portrayed by: Robert Hardy
Preceded by: Seventh Doctor
Series: Bullseye Books

The Bullseye Eighth Doctor is an incarnation that appears in Andrew Kearley's series of books written in the style of episode novelisations.


The Doctor appears to be about 45 years old. He has blue eyes, and light brown hair, that falls over his collar. He normally dresses in a tweed suit - the style and colour of his clothes can change from story to story however. He wears a waistcoat and pocket watch. In his pockets, he usually carries a pen torch, a handkerchief, and a pen-shaped laser beam, and any other assortment of junk that might come in useful during a story.

The Doctor possesses a wide range of knowledge on most subjects. It is not unusual for him to know all about alien species we have never met before. He is very persuasive, and can manipulate people by flattery or playing on their weaknesses. (But unlike the Seventh Doctor, he does not have a masterplan from the outset. He lets events happen to him, and deals with them as he goes along.)

The Doctor is a scientific genius. He understands most forms of technology, and can repair or lash up a great variety of machines or equipment. He has no magical powers. He relies on his knowledge, his intellect and his scientific skills to save the day.

Although essentially a non-violent person, the Doctor will engage in physical combat with an aggressor if he sees no other way out.

Aware that he is not invincible, the Doctor covers his basic insecurities with flippant humour and sarcasm, often at the expense of his adversaries. This often serves both to anger his enemies and entertain the reader.

The Doctor is able to shut off his emotions in tense situations, and so often appears very detached from the terror and grief that goes on around him. If he does grieve, it is in private (and usually off screen). He is very fond of Rhonwen however, and demonstrates his emotions most clearly towards her - especially concern for her well being, and anger if she is threatened.

(Source: Bullseye Books writers guidelines.)

The Bullseye series was illustrated by Martin F. Proctor, who based the Doctor's appearance on the actor Robert Hardy. This fed back into the writing process, and saw the Doctor acquiring some of the ascerbic characteristics to be found in Hardy's performance as Siegfried Farnon in All Creatures Great and Small.



Season One/30Edit

Season Two/31Edit

  • The Covenant of Tollan
  • The Catastrophe Project
  • The Ruins of Time

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