Matthew Chambers Doctor David Nagel Doctor
Writer Matthew Chambers & David Nagel
Director David Nagel
Studio DAM Productions
Broadcast August 2003
Production code Short Trips and Side Steps.03
Running time 26 minutes
Number of
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Chimera is a fan video production from DAM Productions



Where one Doctor parts from his last adventure, another is enjoying peace and quiet elsewhere in the galaxy but both suffer an unfortunate turn of fate… They are both caught in a time scoop and if that wasn’t bad enough now the two Doctors are dumped together… but the question is… where? and why?

Soon the two Doctors find that they have been deposited in a dimension where their adventures in Time and Space are entertainment for the masses of an alternate Earth and their oldest enemies are nothing but mere play things. But soon the Doctors are confronted by the Chimera, an ancient evil from the dawn of time, but why has The Chimera brought the Doctors here? And can they escape alive… and even if they do… how can they stop it?


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Episode EndingsEdit

  • 1. The Chimera leaves the Doctors in the pocket dimension as he reins supreme and continues his path of ultimate destruction.
  • 2. The other Doctor leaves via the TARDIS and the Doctor is shortly found by Mike, they leave for his TARDIS deciding that it won't be long till they run into trouble again, a fleet of crows watch them overhead.


The Doctor: Matthew Chambers David Nagel
Mike: Michael Maher
Chimera: Michael Maher
Chimera voice: Matthew Chambers
Dalek Operators: Terry Smith, Michael Maher, Brian Jackson, Chris Potter
Dalek Voices: Terry Smith, Lee Smith, Brian Jackson, Chris Potter


Camera Operators: Michael Maher, Matthew Chambers, Peter Humphrey
Boom Operator: Steven Deakin
Costumes: Matthew Chambers
Visual Effects: The DAM
Title Sequence: Chris Stephenson
Music: BBC Radiophonic Workshop
Original Theme: Ron Grainer
Theme Arrangment: Ben Hammer
Editor: John Philips
Producer: Matthew Chambers
Director: David Nagel

Production NotesEdit



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