Chris Hoyle Doctor
No. stories: 8 (to date)
First appearance: The Crystal of Achillon
Last appearance: Phantoms from the Future
Preceded by: Seventh Doctor (supposedly)
Succeeded by: Gordon England Doctor

David Hobson Doctor

Series: The Projection Room


A bumbler? Ingenious? Courageous? This incarnation of the Doctor has shown us moments of all these characteristics during his adventures in the TARDIS, whether it's bungling the repairs to his beloved ship in The Crystal of Achillon and restricting its journeys to only "space"-trips or prolonging a dangerous showdown with two of his greatest enemies – the Daleks and The Master – in a bid to buy himself time to get to the safety of the TARDIS; a ploy which ultimately failed as he was brutally gunned down by the Daleks, forcing him to regenerate in Masterplan.

Either way, he has certainly taken a leaf from some of his predecessors' books as far as his dress-sense is concerned, favouring velvet jackets, ruffled shirts, a long scarf and checked trousers to name but a few of the garments that the Doctor has dragged out and dusted off from the TARDIS wardrobe! This, coupled with his determination in the face of adversity, rings true of his Second, Third, and Fourth incarnations as well.


In ActionEdit


The Crystal of Achillon - Part 2


The Deadly Alliance - Part 1


The Invisible Opiate - Part 2


Masterplan - Part 1


The Schrödinger Effect

The Doctor and his current console room

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