Doctor Who: Cold Heart
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12th February 2009
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Cold heart Edit

A newly-regenerated Doctor faces Medusa and her minotaurs in ancient Greece.


The eleventh Doctor regenerates, causing confusion at the heart of the TARDIS. It mutates into a more organic version of itself with no roundels.

The TARDIS lands in ancient Greece where the Doctor is told by an old man that he should leave. It seems that Medusa is about. But, upon learning that the Doctor has nowhere to stay, the old man offers him his house for the night. There the Doctor meets the old man's son, Ciclius. And the two become fast friends.

Ciclius reveals that his mother has been taken into the mountain by a minotaur along with several other locals. The following day they climb the mountain in search of her.

There they encounter a robotic minotaur which captures them and takes them to Medusa. The mountain is, in fact, her crashed spaceship. From out of nowhere, the old man grabs a knife and chops off Medusa's head. And all but one of the minotaurs are destroyed.

The Doctor says goodbye and disappears. In the mist of the TARDIS is Ciclius' mother/the old man's wife. The old man, Ciclius, and Ciclius' mother all walk away and go on to live their lives.


  • The 11th Doctor regenerates for unknown reasons.
  • The TARDIS initially resembles the ninth/tenth Doctors' model.
  • The 2008 theme tune is used for this production.
  • The eleventh Doctor has no companions with him when he regenerates.
  • The twelfth Doctor wears the eleventh Doctor's costume.
  • The cloister bell is heard when the TARDIS changes.
  • The Doctor uses his sonic screwdriver as a torch.
  • The Minotaur knows that the Doctor is a Timelord.
  • The ending of this story occurs at the start of The master Parodox (audio adventure)
  • Parodox should be spelled Paradox.

Production NotesEdit

Several scenes were deleted for time:

  • A flashback showing how Medusa's ship crashed.
  • Medusa building her minotaurs using human brains.
  • The Doctor freeing Medusa's prisoners.
  • An alternate ending featuring Jamie (the second Doctor's companion)


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