Dam consend
Continuity's End
Season Number: 1
Story Number: 2
Doctor: David Nagel Doctor
Companions: Mike
Writer: Michael Maher
Producer: DAM Productions
Release Date: Feb 2002
Running Time: 35 minutes
No. Episodes: 4 episodes
Previous Story: The Big 'F' Up
Following Story: Operation Orifice



The sliding device brings the Doctor and Mike onto a deserted space craft in the orbit of Earth. But who are the mysterious creatures and what is there intention for the ship's crew?


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Episode EndingsEdit

  • 1. The Doctor and Mike enter a corridor and are approached by a group of tall threatening robots, the robot leader declares they will be destroyed and arms his gun.
  • 2. The Cybertrons threaten the life of Mike and new friend Corsith if they don't help. Corsith is soon killed and Mike is next.
  • 3. The Cybertrons have lashed up the Doctor to a mind probe of which reveals the most local planet to the orbiting ship, the Cybertron Leader declares they will invade and colonise... Earth.
  • 4. The Doctor discovers the half-cybertised ship's Captain, O'Neil who shortly acquires a cybertron gun and destroys the Leader, which conviently destroys the rest of the Cybertrons. The Doctor and Mike leave via the sliders portal.


The Doctor: David Nagel
Mike: Michael Maher
Corsith: Jason Crum
Ternal: DB Cooper
Morgan: Jennifer Hunt
O'Neil: Damian Sosa


Sound Design: David Nagel
Music: David Nagel
Original Theme: Ron Grainer
Arrangement: Alistair Lock
Cover Art: David Nagel
Director/Producer: David Nagel

Production NotesEdit



Streaming audio page @ Dam's website

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