The Cromatrites are a known race of aliens in the fan series Time and Space.


The Cromatrites are a race of aliens that are a near cross between zombies and vampires. They bite their victims, then force their venom through the victims veins. This causes them to mutate into a Cromatrite.

The Cromatrites skin is red and black. Light red skin with black veins showing throughout their body. The black veins are known to be the venom that changed them into a Cromatrite. The red skin is caused when the venom dispenses throughout their body, causing into to go red.

Cromatrites also have sharp claws for fingernails, which they use to fight their enemies.

Crastoff wears a mask over his face to hide his real appearance, which is truly hidious to the naked eye.

Known CromatritesEdit

There are only a select few Cromatrites actually known in Time and Space, as the Cromatrites were at war with Timelords hundreds of years ago, which resulted in the death of nearly all cromatrites except one.

Crastoff was the only surviving cromatrite who succeded in fighting off the Timelords, but had to flee due to all his brothers being killed. Crastoff fled to Earth and tried on several occasions to start the Cromatrite race once again, but had been flauted by the Doctor time and time again.

Crastoff began infecting other humans so that he wouldn't be alone anymore

Known Cromatrites include : Crastoff, The Cromatrite Doctor, The Hybrid Doctor and Steve. Other cromatrites are seen but not specified.

The Cromatrite Doctor was the creature created when the 12th Doctor was bitten by Crastoff, which resulted in him turning into a Cromatrite and having no physical control over his own body.

The Hybrid Doctor was the result of what happened to the 13th Doctor when he was bitten by Crastoff, but managed to stop the infection halfway through his change. Resulting in him being Half Timelord and Half Cromatrite.

Steve is the only known human character to turn into a Cromatrite. Although not seen, he worked for Crastoff and became a Cromatrite for a while, but, by unexplained reasons was changed back to human.


1. Time Twins

2. Bite of the Cromatrite

3. Defiance of an Illusion

4. Walking into Death

5. Rise of the Cromatrites

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