Doctors Travelled / met with :
10th Doctor - David tennant

11th Doctor - Connor chadwick / Matt smith

12th doctor : DMCDW
Job :
Owner of Torchwood 4
species :
1/2 Time Baron ( twin race to the Timelords)

1/2 Time lord

and a bit human .
Regenerations :

1st - The cyber trap -Master

2nd - Master - The one Doctor
Episodes :
Tenth Doctor - ????

11th Doctor - ????

12th Doctor- Master - The one doctor
Played by :

D.L was a Sort-of space cowboy until the cybermen invaded his ranch and then he was plunged into an adventure with a man only known as "The Doctor" he then offered him a spot in the TARDIS but he refused. but instead was dropped on Earth were he lived a normal life ( fighting crime and aliens as an agent of the FBI).Then The Doctor returned and they travelled round the universe and then D.L said he wanted to stay on earth and then the Doctor gave him a piece of the TARDIS and instead of travelling he turned it into a base ! (the Torchwood hub) The main heart became Core and he started running TORCHWOOD. The Doctor yet again returned and they travelled to a future run by the Master , The Doctor and D.L (1st D.L) stopped him but the master shot him with his compresser screwdriver(The tissue compresser and the laster scredriver combie) and this killed him he regenerated but the (as the Doctor and the master were fighting) he was shot again but this time he had his regenerations were suspended ; weakly he started to turn off the time inteference ray , which means he is now a fixed point in time / space . so he can never die , not even age . He left the Doctor and Started to get members of Torchwood.Then , He met and travelled with the 12th Doctor and watched him regenerate.

But He looks like the Doctor ?! Edit

When he regenerated he accidently copied the Doctor ( 12th Doctor) because of the pressure put on his mind during the regeneration.

Torchwood 4 Edit

D.L set up Torchwood 4 after seeing the crooked FBI member  called scorpio beat a Varned to death and laughed about it , D.L shot scorpio and now hates the earths goverment.Armed with his Laser magnum , a sonic screwdriver ( built after finding Blueprints) and his intelligence he makes a worthy foe to any fool who wishes to kill him.

Torchwood 4 Members

  • D.L
  • Core - Supercomputer(core of a type 40 TARDIS)
  • Mark - A varned found after saving an old lady from being mugged and brannded a superhero

  • Drax - A cyron from mars a shapeshifter who copies D.L after being attacked by Captain Shroom.

Behind the scenes Edit

  1. D.L was created by DMCDW when he was 8yrs old and was a cowboy who saved the world he was part of a huge war against evil robots called mechonoids(not the Dr who version) and was fully devil/angel
  2. D.L orginnally was going to be the Doctors son until DMCDW hit prouduction.
  3. name was going to be name was going to be Daimon log
  4. D.L was first scripted as being an assain

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