Also known as DMCDW/Devante 12th doctor , The DMCDW productions Doctor is the term used because the Film group Call him this name rather than "12th Doctor"

TheTwelfth Doctor is an incarnation of the Doctor. The actor who plays this incarnation (seen at right) is unknown.

This incarnation made appearances from Cold Heart to The One Doctor Recurring themes during this incarnation's era included survival, cloning, doubles, and memory loss.


[show] 1 Personality

2 Costume change

3 Companions

4 Timeline 4.1 Series 1

4.2 Series 2




This incarnation of the Doctor has random outbreaks of jokes and songs. His brain is shattered after he loses his memory, but remains funny.

Costume change

This Doctor has worn many outfits often to blend in with morden day earth or because his old one 'Dont suit the scene ' they are mostly jumpers.

here are all his costumes to date. in Born again & Cold heart he wears some edwardian like clothes.

in the 3 Doctors he wears a red top with a blazer , jeans and white trainers

in the rest of series 1 (excluding Invasion of the Varneds ) the Doctor wears the costume shown in the info box.

Invasion of the Varneds the Doctor is wearing a white coat which resembles a dressing gown.

in the first 5 episodes of series 2 the doctor wears his series 1 outfit

in Enemy of the Doctor the Doctor wears his series 1 along with a winter coat

from The Robot of Doom until Secret of the sands the Doctor wears a top (couler varys) , a black jumper , jeans , white trainers and occasionally the winter coat seen in the enemey of the doctor.


Companions James Norman


Clone Doctor

D.L(two different versions)

Tony Sullivin


Parallel Doctor

The "Other" Doctor




Captain David Saxon




Series 1

  • Regenerates from the Eleventh Doctor
  • Meets two of his past selves and the Emperor Dalek
  • Meets destroyed Cybermen
  • Meets Tony
  • Meets the Varneds
  • Finds the Master in a jar and defeats him
  • Travels to an alternate future
  • Meets D.L. again
  • Regenerates, but is healed by the future Tony
  • Destroys the rebuilt Dalek Emperor
  • Meets himself in the future
  • Gets his mind wiped into a fob watch by The TARDIS


Series 2

  • Meets the destroyed Cyber Controller
  • Travels to the Weeping Angels' Planet
  • Stares death right into the eyes (literally)
  • Meets the Professor
  • Meets, and begins travelling with, Captain David Saxon
  • Meets and disables the K-2
  • Meets the Varneds again and stops their civil war
  • Travels with a Varned called Gilligan
  • the master reborns himself
  • Stops the Racnoss from eating Earth's core
  • Finds out his memory is on Planet Reach
  • Discovers the Master is behind everything in his life so far

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