David Hobson Doctor
No. stories: 4 (to date)
First appearance: A Stitch in Time
Last appearance: Phantoms from the Future
Preceded by: Chris Hoyle Doctor
Succeeded by: Gordon England Doctor
Series: The Projection Room


A colourful appearance to match his colourful personality! This incarnation of the Doctor has a sparkling intellect and wit, making him an articulate and admirable logician. Less impulsive than some of his alter-egos, he prefers to outwit his opponents and uses impeccable reasoning and deduction to his considerable advantage.

He presents an interesting contrast in this respect – his gaudy and extrovert sartorial tastes tempered by his reserved and restrained demeanour. That's not to say the Doctor is without emotion; this is ably demonstrated in The Schrödinger Effect as he rages against the skies of the temporal singularity, berating his invisible and anonymous captor for how he has been treated.

Behind his bright, clashing clothes and his measured manner, though, there still beat the hearts of an passionate adventurer, as much a derivation of his Sixth incarnation as any other.

This Doctor is caught in a parallel reality which sometimes leaks into our own, and although his regeneration from the Chris Hoyle Doctor is as yet unseen, it is suggested and implied from dialogue between the three Doctors during A Stitch in Time.

Following The Schrodinger Effect, this Doctor continues travelling with Charlotte McLeod before returning her to the parallel Earth, sometime prior to events in Phantoms from the Future, during which short story we see the David Hobson Doctor pay an impromptu visit to catch up with Charlotte.


In ActionEdit


A Stitch in Time, Part 1


The Schrödinger Effect


The Schrödinger Effect


The Schrödinger Effect


A Stitch in Time, Part 2

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