Defiance of an Illusion
Doctor Who Time and Space episode
Twelfth Doctor (James Burnell)
David Ranch (Jacob Edwards)
Zack Rogers (Daniel Isaac)
Writer James Burnell
← Preceded by Followed by →
"Bite of the Cromatrite" "The Day of Reckoning"

Defiance of an Illusion is the 3rd episode of Time and Space Season 2 and is the second part in a 2 part story, finalizing the cromatrite story


"Now to feed off the blood of the enemy, prey and victims of this life, rise my fallen! (The Cromatrite Doctor)

Picking up from the previous episode, David threatens to shoot the Doctor to stop him from bringing back dead cromatrites to life, including Crastoff and the 13th Doctor. David attempts to stop him but he fails. He is then rescued by the 13th Doctor, who sends David away with his time travelling device. With David gone, the Doctor bursts it rage and rips the 13th Doctor's heart out. The Doctor and Crastoff then follow David through time in the tardis.

David awakes to find himself on Mount Callos, suddenly some cromatrites arrive and start chasing David. David takes refuge behind a barrier and fends of the cromatrites with his gun. The time travelling device charged back up and David travelled away just as Mount Callos exploded, with both the Doctor and Crastoff leaving the cromatrites out there to die.

The Doctor and Crastoff then arrive at the middle ages to infect some humans to create a cromatrite army. When David arrives he meets a man, who tells him the year. To David's astonishment, it is 1066, the day of the Battle of Hastings. As David watches the battle he quickly teleports away. He then arrives at Zack Rogers' house, and tells Zack of the situation. As soon as the Doctor and Crastoff arrived, the four ended in a huge confrontation, ending with Zack mortally wounding Crastoff, and the Doctor wounding David. With the Doctor about to kill Zack, he reminds the Doctor of their adventures. The Doctor's conscience then takes control and turns back to normal.

With David wounded, the Doctor sends him back to the 1950s (The Changing of the Guard) so that he will be healed but at the price of forgetting everything. David disappears and the Doctor is outraged at Crastoff. As Crastoff jumps for one final attack, Zack shoots him back down.

Zack then decides it's time to return to time and space


- David gets sent back to the 1950s, the time when he looked after the virus in Season 1 Episode 2

- David travels to Mt Callos, which was referenced in Season 1 Episode 4

- Zack's encounter with David in this episode is also seen in Defenders of Earth, which takes place just before the events of Defiance of an Illusion (Zack's timeline)

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