Destiny's Call
Doctor Who Time and Space episode
Eleventh Doctor (Rhys Cropper)
Gregson Ranch (Kyle Cropper)
Writer Daniel Isaac
Broadcast 25 December 2010
1 January 2011
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"Planet of the Cromatrites" "Brothers of Time (11th Doctor and Gregson's Timeline)"

"Destiny's Call" is the 2010 Christmas Special of Doctor Who Time and Space. Both Rhys Cropper and Kyle Cropper respised their roles as The 11th Doctor and Gregson Ranch, respectively.


The Doctor and Gregson arrive on earth in 2008, and not much is going on. The two decide to go and get some food. In a spaceship hovering above earth, two creatures are seen talking about the Doctor.

After they have finished eating the Doctor asks Gregson where he would like to go next. To the Doctor's dismay he says the Casanova Belt. The Doctor reluctently agrees and as the two enter the tardis, it spins out of control and takes them to the spaceship above earth.

The Doctor exits and makes Gregson wait in the tardis. As the Doctor wonders around the ship, he hops onto the computer and discovers the aliens are searching for a black hole converter deep beneath the earth's crust. When the alarm sounds, the Doctor escapes, having set off the ship's self destruct, which is stopped by the aliens.

In the tardis the Doctor tells Gregson that the creatures are Zakatrons, who are searching for a Black Hole converter so that a black hole can be created in the centre of the planet, sucking it in. The two wait until Hagath, the leader finds the device.

When Hagath finds the device, the Doctor and Gregson try to stop him, but the device is activated and the black hole is created. The Doctor and Gregson, inside the tardis, formulate a plan. Create an explosion, using the tardis and destroying the black hole. This succeeds, but Hagath and his army plan to attack earth with their armada.

The Doctor travels to their ship and gives Hagath a warning. Hagath declines and the Doctor, using the Zakatron DNA Signature, forces the Zakatron fleet into the time vortex, where they live a harmless life.

The Doctor then asks Gregson where he would like to go next. Gregson replies that the Doctor can choose now, who then thanks him.

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