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Destiny of Zorbos
Season Number: 1
Story Number: 3
Doctor: Chris Tracy Doctor
Companions: Lieutenant Kantasion
Writer: Steve Mollmann
Producer: Sigma Phi Kappa
Release Date: unknown
Running Time: 67 minutes
No. Episodes: 5 episodes
Previous Story: The Zorbosian Invasion of Mars
Following Story: ---



"Can we stop at Nabion VI and pick up that new laser rifle you promised me?"

Little could the Doctor know that Kantasion's request would spawn so much trouble. But the events in A.D. 4371 at the Nabian weapons bazaar were somehow connected to Commander O and the Overlord's struggle for domination of the Moons of Zorbos in A.D. 2000.

But more is at stake than a provincial empire. Lieutenant Kantasion suffers from bizarre dreams. A badly designed time corridor collapses before it is even built. The Cybermen are threatening to invade the peaceful planet of Deva Loka. And the temporal disruption surrounding the Zorbos System will not only destroy the TARDIS's mobility -- its effects could wipe out the entire universe.


to be added


This story takes place between the Doctor Who TV Movie and the Big Finish audio "Storm Warning", immediately following "The Zorbosian Invasion of Mars".




Chris Tracy as the Doctor
David Poon as Lieutenant Kantasion

Adam Johnson as the Overlords
Steve Mollmann as Commander O
Grady Owens and Harrison Sand as the Zorbosian officers
James Sand as the guards
Josh Donaman as Volderro
Chris Kovach as the CyberLeader
Stephen Poon as Lord Xtoyun

Catherine Mollmann as the Nabian girl


Written, directed, sound-edited, and produced by Steve Mollmann
Script-edited by Geoffrey Hamell
Cover by Steve Mollmann
Special thanks to the Mollmann Family

Production NotesEdit

Production Code: SPK5DW3


Sigma Phi Kappa Productions

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