Destroyer Of Worlds
Huw Thomas Doctor
Bob Baxter (Played By Paul Reynolds)
Writer Huw Thomas
Director Paul Reynolds
Studio HT Productions
Broadcast 7th April 2009 (Extended Edition 5th Febuary 2010)
Production code 1.2
Running time 10 Minutes
Number of
1 episode
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"The Sontaran Masterplan" "Trizonian Tunnels"



Bob Baxter, A mysterious time agent lands on earth. at the same time,the doctor does. the two must work together to defeat the evil jaffalax and his insane henchman,jaccarssi, from the planet.....jaffacake..

The Story Is Expanded On In Destroyer Of Worlds: Extended Edition,Released 5th Of Febuary 2010.


The Unit beret is seen in jaffalax's spaceship at one point the doctor qoutes the second doctor 'there are some places in the universe that ave bred the most terrible things. things that act against everything we believe in.'


this was filmed in late 2008 and in early 2009. a small scene of the tardis landing and the doctor walking out at the start was actually taken from a cancelled episode and the left over footage was put to use in this episode.


Huw Thomas: The Doctor
Paul Reynolds: Bob Baxter
Huw Thomas: Dexter Mccoy
Paul Reynolds: Jaffalax
Huw Thomas: Jacarssi
Evan-John Thomas: Guy in Car
Gethyn Thomas: Hoonda (Extended Edition) Huw Thomas: Tompanarizandonianzabbalax (Extended Edition)


Huw Thomas, Paul Renolds, Evan-John Thomas, James Reynolds

Production NotesEdit

Jacarssi slightly misqoutes watership down 'i am a creature with a thousand enemies. but first they must catch me.'


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