Devlin Y'Eri
Home planet: Kalios Major but joined the Doctor on Kalios Minor, it's smaller twin.
Travelled with: Gordon England's 'Doctor' predominantly
First appearance: 'A Stitch in Time'
Last appearance: 'Phantoms from the Future'
Portrayed by: Mark Ellis
Series: 'The Projection Room'

Character HistoryEdit

Although Devlin was first seen traveling with the Gordon England Doctor in 'A Stitch in Time', he really joined the TARDIS with the 'Chris Hoyle Doctor' in 'Masterplan' due to another of his botched attempts to repair the TARDIS which resulted in Devlin being accidentally transported into the console room.

Whilst escaping from a penitentiary on Kalios Minor, Devlin had stumbled into Gordon England's 'Doctor's TARDIS to hide and was then transported into an earlier time-line, when Chris Hoyle was still 'The Doctor'. A moderately more advanced civilisation than Earth, Kalios Major has advanced to the extent where data, databases, profiles and spreadsheets are kept on anything and everything, and information is a very valuable commodity.

Devlin was, until recently, a very skilled information-handler and an expert in photonic-networks (the hardware systems developed by the Kalions). He ended up serving a sentence on Kalios Minor, though, after being found guilty of corrupting the networks and covertly selling corporate data.

He is often vocal in his dislike of Earth (in 'Masterplan' he describes it as a 'primitive rock' and claims that it's 'all industrialised and smells foul!') although he has heard of the Timelords and knows of their ability to regenerate, witnessing it first hand within a few hours of meeting the 'Doctor' for the first time!!!

By 'A Stitch in Time' - a later story in Devlin's own personal history - he has become a more seasoned traveler and has adopted a more avant garde style of dress, wearing PVC pants and a jacket made of bubble-wrap, although he loses the bubble-wrap jacket during his efforts to locate the TARDIS during this adventure.

It is some time before we see Devlin, again, by which point he is the lone survivor of a mineralogy expedition on the hostile planet of Uxxarius-5. It is soon clear that he has long since parted company with the Doctor and Flynn, and we find him is a situation of grave peril in a poisonous atmosphere under attack from the skies....

List of AppearancesEdit

To date:

In ActionEdit


'A Stitch in Time' - Part 1


'Masterplan' - Part 2


'Masterplan' - Part 4


'Masterplan' - Part 2


'A Stitch in Time' - Part 2

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