Charles McGillan


First Appearance:
Doctor Who Animeted Episode 1 "Mondas"
Last Appearance:
Doctor Who Animeted Episode 2 "Eqaulity"


Character HistoryEdit

Charles McGillan was the doctor assigned to the care of the patient known as Patient Zero, The Doctor, and was there to witness his regneration. He was a dedicated pysician and highly decorated as one f the best of his generation. During the last tenure of his life he volentarly went through the cyberconversion process so he could continue to dedicated himself to saving lives. Though the process took much of his humanity away, it didn't take away his total dedication to his patients and his duty to treating them. Some might mistake this dedication as compassion, and maybe that did carry into his conversion, but he is as emotionless and uniform as any of his fellow Cybermen. He is loved and respected by all his fellow staff at the Great Mondasian Medical Facility and is dedicated to the Human Genome Project. It is this spark of individuality and dedication that makes him a rare breed in the Cyberace, a true hero who values life above blind loyalty and dedication.

Though he has undergone the Cyberprocess himself, he see's such a thing as only the last resort for his patients and opposes such drastic "healing" methods as much as is possible

List of AppearancesEdit

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