Doctor Poo
Billy Treacy

(2006 - 11)

Chris Treacy

Joe Morrice

Matt Meacham-Roberts

Sebby Treacy

Writer Billy Treacy

(2006 - 11)

Director Billy Treacy
Studio Well Bilt

(2006 - 2011)

Broadcast 2006 - 2011
Production code 3 X the movie.17
Running time 10-15 minutes
Number of
← Preceded by Followed by →
"Dimension of the Triffids" "The Final Stand"


Billy is a 212 year old Loo-Lord who travels time and space in a portaloo. Known to his enemies as "Doctor Poo", Billy fights creatures from across the cosmos, with help from friends such as his brother Chris or his old mentor, Joe. But his mysterious race, the Loo-Lords have changed things. Billy must become a Time-Lord and then make the final stand against evil - but what could it be?


There are a couple of links to other fan-films in Treacy's series. An unreleased American doctor who spoof series known as Doctor Spoof is given a mention in the series three finale. The finale is also a crossover between Doctor Poo and Doctor Who: The 11th Regeneration, in which Jaime Carroll turns up playing the 11th Doctor, with Paul Kay appearing as Agent Lance Hayden.

Billy Treacy - Doctor Poo
Billy treacy as Doctor poo (right)


Work on series one began in the Christmas of 2005. Since then, Billy Treacy and the cast have worked almost non-stop to keep the series running.

All three series are awaiting release on DVD.

The entire third series shall be released onto YouTube, in ten minute episodes every week.

The entire series ends with the series three finale.


Doctor Poo - Billy Treacy

Also Starring - Chris Treacy

Matt Meacham-Roberts

Sebby Treacy

Joe Morrice

The Doctor - Jaime Carroll


Series One
No. Title Writer Episodes
01 Brothers of Danger Billy Treacy 4 episodes
02 Do Battle Billy Treacy 3 episodes
03 Daleks and Dinosaurs Billy Treacy 3 episodes
04 Portal Billy Treacy 3 episodes
05 Doctor Poo the Movie Billy Treacy Movie
Series Two
No. Title Writer Episodes
01 Army of the Dead Billy Treacy 3 episodes
02 Logic's Sacrifice Billy Treacy 3 episodes
03 Ambush of the Flies Billy Treacy 4 episodes
04 Aliens of Hell Billy Treacy 3 episodes
06 The Lonely Loo-Lord Billy Treacy 1 episode
Series 2B
No. Title Writer Episodes
01 Manhunt Billy Treacy 1 episode
02 Bograt and Poofyteen Billy Treacy 1 episode
03 A Red Christmas Billy Treacy 1 episode
Seires Three
No. Title Writer Episodes
01 Brandeston's End Billy Treacy 1 episode
02 Cat and Mouse Billy Treacy 1 episode
03 The Titan Billy Treacy 1 episode
04 The Final Stand Billy Treacy 2 episodes
Audio Adventures
No. Title Writer Episodes
01 Dimension of the Triffids Billy Treacy 2 episodes


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