Doctor Who: The 11th Regeneration
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Nip, Stryder, Captain Lance Hayden, Grace Thompson, Leo Carrson
Writer Jaime Carroll, Billy Treacy, Akbar Sikder, Jacqueline Raynor (concept for Mirror Image), Gareth Roberts (concept for Home Alone)
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Studio (2007 - 2008), Well Built Productions (2008 - 2009)
Broadcast 2007 - 2009
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Running time 3 - 25 minutes
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19 (as of 26th January 2018)
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At the end of the Series One Christmas Special, titled 'Countdown to Christmas,' Nip decided to leave the TARDIS Crew to go live with his dad in Canada, who he has not seen for many years since his parent's divorce. With Lance Hayden's spacecruiser destroyed when defeating the Axons, he replaces Nip in the TARDIS.

The 2008 Special "Attack of the Zearok" appears to be set some time after the events of 'Countdown to Christmas' with the Doctor, Lance Hayden and Strider all seemingly over Nip's shock departing and settling together well; although the Doctor does reminisce on his adventures with Nip which shows a hint of saddness at his former companion's departure. When Hayden and Strider get kidnapped, the Doctor teams up with Ariel (Tanya Wright) and the pair unite to save the world from the invasion of the Zearok. Towards the end of the episode, Strider also decides to leave after hearing the news that his auntie is unwell and she is the only existing family he has left. The Doctor then shows Ariel around the TARDIS and it is hinted that she will replace Strider, however, she unfortunatly loses her memory in a duel with the Zearok and forgets the whole adventure. This leaves the Doctor with Lance Hayden for Series Two.

From the footage shown of Series Two, the Doctor unites with former lover Grace as they battle several enemies, including a Slab. Lance Hayden is also shown to be amongst the TARDIS Crew and it is hinted that Leo still plays a big part in this series. This may also be the return of The Master because there are rumours .


This series is supposedy set straight after the events of the official Series 3, where the Tenth Doctor regenerates after succesfully condeming the Kuio to the Sea of Souls dimension within the time/space vortex. The Doctor again makes use of the Fob Watch, and the Axons escape their imprisonment within a time loop, having been placed in one by the Third Doctor in 'The Claws of Axos'

Preview footage of The Last Stand (a crossover with Billy Treacy's Doctor Poo series, which also serves as the latter's series finale) reveals that The Doctor gives his discarded coat (worn by David Tennant) to Treacy's character. However, The Last Stand is seen as non-canon and not linked with the 11th Regeneration universe.

List of characters

Dr n grace 1

The Doctor and companion, Grace

The Doctor (20 episodes)

Strider (10 episodes)

Nip (9 episodes)

Grace Thompson (8 episodes)

Leo Carrson (6 episodes)

Lance Hayden (5 episodes)

Ariel (1 episode)


Jaime Carroll's series follows the style and format utilized in the current television series of Doctor Who (theme song, "next time" trailers, "Coming Soon" trailers, and occasional Children in Need and Christmas Specials, and handles much of it's episodes himself, with a few exceptions.

To give his series some additional charm, Carroll also adapted at least one story from the magazine Doctor Who Adventures, thus portraying professional writers such as Jaquelyne Raynor as if she were a legitimate writer of the series, though the episode was rewritten extensivly by Carroll to fit into the series. Another storyline, this time from the pages of Doctor Who Magazine, will be adapted for the second season (The Lodger)

Carroll announced in 2008 that his series would not be returning for a second season until 2009, but re-edited the intended second season premiere "Friends and Enemies" into a 30-minute special and renamed it "Attack of the Zearock". A special preview of the second season followed it's airing on Youtube.

After the seventh episode, Ressurection Of The Master was released on Doctor Who's 46th Anniversary, the eighth episode was named by Caroll to be Rise Of The Nemesis to be released in 2010 until Jamie's computer died and he lost footage of it. In a 2012 vlog, he rumored that he may be rebooting the series or finishing off the episode with missing parts told in a commentary role. As of November 2017, this has not happened and as of the mystery of where Jamie Caroll as gone since 2013.


Series One
Story No. Episode No. Title Writer Episodes Original Airdate
01 01 Sea Of Souls Jaime Carroll 1 episode 02 March 2007
02 02 Judgement World Jaime Carroll 1 episode 23 April 2007
03 03 Child of Destruction Jaime Carroll 1 episode 19 May 2007
04 04 Homecoming Jaime Carroll 1 episode 24 June 2007
05 05 The Beast From Within Billy Treacy 1 episode 15 August 2007
06 06 Mirror Image Jacqueline Raynor and Jaime Carroll 1 episode 31 August 2007
07 07 Realm of Dreams Jaime Carroll 1 episode 24 October 2007
08 08 Army of the Ancient Ghosts Jaime Carroll 1 episode 28 October 2007

2007/2008 Specials
Story No.   Episode No. Title Writer Episodes Original Airdate
09 01 Children In Need Special 2007 Jaime Carroll 1 episode 16 November 2007
10 02 Countdown To Christmas Jaime Carroll 1 episode 11 January 2008
11 03 Attack of The Zearok Jaime Carroll 1 episode 28 September 2008

Series Two
Story No. Episode No. Title Writer Episodes Original Airdate
12 00 Collision Jaime Carroll 1 episode 15 November 2009
13 01 Saving Grace Jaime Carroll 1 episode 29 March 2009
14 02 Ascent of the Ferramenta Akbar Sikder 1 episode 17 May 2009
15 03 The Garden of Silence Jaime Carroll 1 episode 23 August 2009
16 04 Key to Friendship T J Cowell 1 episode 13 September 2009
17 05 Home Alone Gareth Roberts 1 episode 4 October 2009
18 06 Rhiandr Akbar Sikder 1 episode 25 October 2009
19 07 Resurrection of the Master Timothy Lyth 1 episode

23 November 2009

20 08 Rise Of The Nemesis Jamie Carroll 1 episode 2010


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