Cast and CrewEdit

The Doctor - Jaime Carroll

Nip - Nathan Ewing

Strider - Dale Farrow

Maal King - Simon Tasker

Commander Tuvak - Andrew Duffy

Ghost Girl - Ashaya Carroll

Scorpius - Mike Ewing

Leo - Arron Carroll

Grace - Laura Massmingham

Jaime Carroll - Executive Producer

Jaime Carroll - Writer (Episodes 1, 2, 3, 4, 7, 8)

Billy Treacy - Writer (Episode 5)

Jacqueline Raynor - Writer (Episode 6)



No. Title Writer
1.1 Sea of Souls Jaime Carroll
1.2 Judgement World Jaime Carroll
1.3 Child of Destruction Jaime Carroll
1.4 Homecoming Jaime Carroll
1.5 Beast from Within Billy Treacy
1.6 Mirror Image Jacqueline Raynor
1.7 Realm of Dreams Jaime Carroll
1.8 Army of the Ancient Ghosts Jaime Carroll

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