Doctor Who (The Carter Era) is a series of fan made stories, created by science fiction writer; L.R Carter.


  • The Doctor- (Portrayed by Damien Molony) For a while now, the Doctor has been settling down to have a normal life and has avoided any chance of "saving the day". However, a mystery involving the little English village; Biller, brings him out of this "cold turkey" state.
  • Dawn Mecklenburgh- TBA
  • Harry Filk- TBA
  • Aadra- TBA


Story Name Written By Synopsis
The Perfect Life L.R Carter In the little village known as Biller, many locals are going into comas. Detectives; Dawn and Harry are given the case of solving this mystrey, with a little help from a mysterious man.
Land of the Lightning Chris Chibnall The Doctor takes Dawn and Harry to the planet Olton to meet a tribe of aliens (known as the Pell) who can manipulate lightning. However, they find that the Pell have become extinct and Humans have created a plastic museum on their land. However, a unknown creature from the outside finds its way into the museum and begins to create chaos. 
Celtic Wrath Toby Whithouse The TARDIS lands in Castell Henllys, Wales, only to find that tourists and robots from the distant future are wondering around in 600BC. The Doctor soon realises that something is forcing the past, the present and the future to collide.
Empty Space Neil Gaiman TBA
Till Death Do Us Part L.R Carter TBA

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