Doctor Who A New EraEdit

Doctor Who A New Era is a series of UK-based fan films created by Mark Parker and Liam Parker. Mark portrays the Doctor while Liam plays companion John Kenwood.

Series One (2014 - 2015)
No. Story
1.1 Age Before Beauty
1.2 The Lost Ones
1.3 Flame Of The Gods
1.4 Dragons of Ecador
1.5 Home Sweet Home
1.6 A Learning Curve
1.7 Devil At Heart
1.8 Lake of Blood
1.9 2014 Xmas Special: Rise Of The Yeti's
Series Two (In Production)
No. Story
2.1 The Alternate
2.2 Slender Who
2.3 Revenge Of A Hunter
2.4 Changing The Game
2.5 Into The Light Of Darkness
2.6 Chosen
2.7 The Consequence
2.8 The Final Game


Doctor Who A New Era - Series One playlist
Doctor Who A New Era - facebook page
Doctor Who A New Era - YouTube Channel
Doctor Who A New Era - Google+

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