'Doctor Who Spoofs' is a series of funny, random versions of 'Doctor Who', created by Tony Coburn and Thomas Rees-Kaye.

List of EpisodesEdit

Ninth DoctorEdit

Series One.

1. Eccleston and Tennant.

2. Death to the Timelords.

3. The Crisp and the Dalek.

4. Spoof of the Slitheen.

5. The Hungry Child.

6. The Big, Bad Regeneration.

Tenth Doctor.Edit

Series Two.

1. Tennants Here to Stay, so Take That Eccleston.

2. The Zombie Werewolf.

3. Revenge of Sarah Jane.

4. Cyberman Invasion.

5. Battle with the Daleks, Part 1.

6. Battle with the Daleks, Part 2.

At this point, the Six-Episode-per-Season format doubled turned into Eight per Season.

Series Three.

1. Tennant and Jones.

2. Macbeth gets Killed by a Witch.

3. Utopia.

4. The Sound of Drums.

5. Last of the Timelords, Part 1.

6. Last of the Timelords, Part 2.

7. Midnight.

8. Spanner's End.

Series Four.

1. My Life with a Bad Guy.

2. The Last Show.

3. Doctor and Romana.

4. Another Doctor.

5. The World of Dust.

6. Life on Mars.

7. The End of Time, Part 1.

8. The End of Time, Part 2.

Eleventh DoctorEdit

Series Five.

1. Eccleston's Epilogue.

2. The Twelfth Hour.

3. Victory of the Daleks.

4. Angels vs Vampires.

5. The Star of Tennant.

6. Vincent and the Doctors.

7. The First Event, Part 1.

8. The First Event, Part 2.

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