Doctor Who and the Cyberlords
Season 26b
Eighth Doctor
The Cybermen
Earth, 1776; Bishop Mining Asteroid, 2125; the Doctor's TARDIS
Steven Hart

Publisher's summaryEdit

Shoreditch, London, 1963. Two teachers follow an unnervingly knowledgeable schoolgirl to her home - a blue police telephone box in the middle of a scrapyard where they are brutally murdered by the Cyberlords, a deadly alien threat from the future. Seven regenerations later, the Doctor's timeline is being unravelled, starting with the mysterious reappearance and disappearance of his first companion Susan in the TARDIS and ending with a renegade Time Lord captured on a distant mining asteroid, now a test subject of the ruthless Cybermen.

The Time Lords are afraid. Afraid of this new threat; afraid of the evils it could unleash with its completion, but there are more forces at work here then they realise.

The Doctor is afraid. Afraid that his own history is vanishing before his eyes; afraid that the desperate Time Lords have marooned him without his TARDIS on Earth in the Year of Our Lord 1776.

The Cybermen are not afraid. They do not feel fear. Cybermen will become the ultimate power in the universe.


Deviations from webcast storyEdit

  • A prologue is given detailing Ian and Barbara's encounter with the Cyberlords.
  • Unlike the webcast story, the Doctor's arrival in 1776 is not by choice. The Doctor, K9 and the TARDIS are dumped on Earth by increasingly desperate Time Lords hoping to avert the chaos brought about by the early evolution of the Cyberlords. The Doctor and K9 are the sole survivors of a shipwreck, the TARDIS is brought aboard as well but the ship has lost all power.
  • The two factions of Cybermen are an alternative universe varient unseen before (not the Cybus Cybermen) and the Cybermen seen in the Big Finish audio drama: The Reaping. These changes have been made as the author wanted to distance the ties the story had to the New Series (as detailed in Author's Notes).
  • K9 accompanies the Doctor throughout this story instead of residing on the TARDIS.
  • Ulysses is shown to have companions not unlike the Doctor; these are Anita (a Time Lady), Taryn (a Thal) and Jobar (a prehistoric Human). Ulysses' crew is shown to have travelled with him for a while and are shown to have been converted into the Cybermen who neurosurgically removed his brain to study it.
  • The Spanish fortress occupied by the Cybermen is shown to have been "converted" much like the inhabitants of the island. It is also revealed that Cybermats poisoned the food supply, and that Cybermen used nanobots to cyber-convert the dead on the island turning it into a fully-functional Cyber Control.
  • The Renowned is actually Ulysses ship in disguise. Ulysses' TARDIS has the same roundelled walls as the Doctor's and has a Secondary Console Room remarkably similar to that of the Type 40's.
  • Ulysees is suffering from post-regenerative amnesia and violence. He did not changed his physical appearance when he regenerated.

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