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An Australian group of school friends who began recording stories in 2003. Not all were Doctor Who fans, but took part regardless. They stopped making audio dramas after The Quest for the Anniversary Special was left incomplete in early 2006. Their website was taken offline circa early 2008.

They produced parodies, heavy on references and use of previous characters (eg. Romana, Sara Kingdom) and enemies (eg. The Meddling Monk, Omega). The stories featured a great deal of eclectic music, and non-sensical plot devices.

Audio ProductionsEdit

Season One
No. Title Writer Episodes
01 The Extermination of the Daleks 2 episodes
02 The Wrath of Omega II 4 episodes
03 The Revenge of Morgoth 5 episodes
04 My Son The Time Lord 3 episodes

Shelved ProductionsEdit

  • Shada
  • The Quest for the Anniversary Special



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