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Dream Realm Enterprises (DRE) produces a number of freely-available series of audio dramas; including Robotz of the Company and The Misadventures of Sherlock Holmes. Its Doctor Who range began in 2004.

Doctor Who ProductionsEdit

Season One
No. Title Writer Episodes
01 The Mines of Mandor Jonithan Patrick Russell and Jackson Rees 4 episodes
02 The Net Jonithan Patrick Russell 1 episode

Season Two
No. Title Writer Episodes
03 War Torn Kyle Borcz and Julio Angel Ortiz 4 episodes
04 The Lost Jonithan Patrick Russell 2 episodes
05 Harbingers Jonithan Patrick Russell and Jackson Rees 2 episodes

Season Three
No. Title Writer Episodes
06 The Snare Jonithan Patrick Russell 3 episodes
07 Parasite of the Daleks Jonithan Patrick Russell 4 episodes
08 Purity Jonithan Patrick Russell unreleased


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DRE Doctor Section

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