Enemy of the Doctor
DMCDW/Devante 12th Doctor

Chadwick Doctor


Tony sullivin

Writer DMCDW
Director DMCDW
Studio DMCDW Productions


Broadcast ????
Production code 2.4
Running time ????
Number of
← Preceded by Followed by →
"Dead end" "Robot of Doom"

Plot Edit

The Chadwick Doctor andDavid are in a car park after being pulled offcourse because of a time disturbenceDMCDW/Devante 12th Doctor. They meet a few times and then the final time is when it all happens....The 12th Doctor trys to warn the 11th Doctor that the Daleks are after him when but then one appears and takes David away.......

Continuty Edit

  • The 11th Doctor is whereing his coat.
  • this is the first episode with GIZMO in.
  • The 12th Doctor is travelling with Tony sullivin
  • The Emporor Dalek is the sameone as The 3 Doctors.
  • This is the second apprence of The Grey Daleks
  • The Doctors cannot Kill the emporor because in his timeline its before the 3 Doctors.
  • Special weapons Daleks are seen.

Behind the scenes Edit

  • This episode was planned to star the imagine Doctor but because of mix ups he does not appear.

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