Enter Bast
Tenth Doctor Missing Adventures episode
Tenth Doctor
Writer Catkind121
Broadcast 16th September 2009
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"The Rogue Meteorite" "Killer Queen"



The Doctor takes Cat to the BC times Ancient Egypt. Cat meets a man Ro how wants to take her to his specail place. The doctor meanwhile goes on pursuit of an alien a female Sobek. The Doctor and the Sobek are kidnapped. Cat and Ro find a spaceship and enter it. Only to find a dead Sobek revive. And the doctor is taken to an ancient egyption Piramid. He finds one of his old enemies the Cybus Cybermen.

Characters Edit

  • Tenth Doctor - Finds that the Cybus Cybermen are upgarding mummies and turning them into Cybermen.
  • Catrona - Transforms and Ro calls her Bast. Thus creating the god.
  • Ro - A man who assists Ctarona in raiding a ship. Finds a Sobek and names two gods after The Sobek and Catrona.
  • Adio - Ro's friend who tries to stop the Cybermen. He gets killed.
  • Cront - A Sobek who crashed landed due to the Cybermen Signal. Used a Survival Magenisms in order to survive. Tries to stop the Cybermen but dies.
  • Theana - A female Sobek who tries to stop the Cybermen. She suceeds and gets of the Planet.
  • Cybus Cybermen - Upgrades corpses of mummiefied people thus achiebing a no death policy. This fails though.
  • Robot Gaurds


  • The Cybermen last appeaered in the Next Doctor.
  • Cat is forced to transform by the cybermen. She was forced to transform and kill the doctor. This is a recurring theme.

Production NotesEdit



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