Everyone Drinks from the Lane (Promo)
Time Agent: Everyone Drinks from the Lane
Doctor: NONE
Companions: NONE
Writer: David Blyth
Producer: Well Billt Productions
Release Date: 2009
Running Time: 44 mins
No. Episodes: 2 x 22 mins
Previous Story: Agents of Heaven
Following Story: The Doctor of the Past



When The Tobin, a Submarine sent out to navigate and gather information on dimensional currents, is forced to surface in our reality, an act of sabotauge beaches it in the middle of the countryside. Racing to the scene, Liam and the Time Agency scramble to send The Tobin on it's way again, as well as expose and deal with the Saboteur, but with a deadly form of energy fatal to all but long-term time travelers resonating within the Submarine, Liam must embark on this mission alone...


Set before The Fallen Hero


2 x 22 mins





Production NotesEdit

Writen by David Blyth


to be added

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