Flynn Wright
Home planet: Earth
Home era: 1970s
Travelled with: 'Gordon England Doctor'
First appearance: 'Masterplan'
Last appearance: 'Phantoms from the Future'
Portrayed by: Susan Gibson
Series: 'The Projection Room'

Character HistoryEdit

From Flynn's appearance in 'Masterplan' and 'Phantoms from the Future' we do know that she originally met the Doctor on Earth in the 1970s, and that she is a massive 'Bay City Rollers' fan, hence her penchant for plaid. She had traveled with the Chris Hoyle Doctor for some time prior to 'Masterplan', although she has left the TARDIS by 'A Stitch in Time'.

From what we have already seen, though, we know she is plucky and prepared to sacrifice her own safety in the interests of her traveling-companions, such as when she wields a club to try to concuss the Master, then shields the Doctor from him shorty afterwards when it's likely that the Doctor will be shot down at point-blank range.

She is also very compassionate, befriending Devlin Y'Eri when he first arrives on 20th-century Earth, light-years from his home planets.

Following her adventures with the Gordon England Doctor in Masterplan she goes on travelling but has moved on by the time the Doctor tracks her down in Phantoms from the Future, where she is once again reunited with her old TARDIS team including Devlin Y'Eri.

List of AppearancesEdit

To date:

In ActionEdit


'Masterplan' - Part 1


'Masterplan' - Part 2


'Masterplan' - Part 3


'Masterplan' - Part 3


'Masterplan' - Part 4

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