One Fob Watch that is well know to all Doctor Who fans is the Fob Watch that, when used with a Chameleon Arch, will turn a Time Lord into a different species. There have been three notable uses of the Fob Watch, (Human Nature/ Family of Blood and Utopia), however Human Nature and Family of Blood were a two part epidode, and Utopia was the start of a thre part episode. It is suggested that the process of removing the Time Lord essence is extremely painful, as each and every cell must be re-written into the chosen species, usually human.

List of AppearancesEdit

The Fob Watch appeared in three episodes. (Human Nature/ Family of Blood and Utopia).

In the Human Nature Arc, The Doctor turns himself into a human to escape a family of aliens who believe that by swallowing his essence (The Family of Blood), they will live forever. It fails.

In Utopia, The Master has turned himself into a human, in an act of cowardice, and sent himself to the end of the Universe to escapeThe Last Great Time War
Galefrean Fob Watch

The Fob Watch


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