Home planet: Xeriphas
Travelled with: Mark Kalita Doctor
First appearance: The Thought Eaters
Last appearance: Strange Bedfellows
Portrayed by: Mark Bruzee & David Sobkowiak
Series: BrokenSea Audio Productions, Darker Projects

Character HistoryEdit

Created by Mark Kalita in 2005 as a replacement for departing companion, Rain, George is a shape-shifting psychomorphic organism from the planet Xeriphas. Unlike his historical and fault-ridden predecessor Kamelion, George is essentially a sentient form of living metal sent to the Doctor in order to bring him back to Xeriphas to defeat an evil aggregate entity known as the Thought Eaters. George arrived in the form of a metallic spike that somehow managed to pierce the TARDIS' outer hull, perhaps ultimately causing the TARDIS to crash in the episode Grave White North. Having removed the spike, the Doctor eventually discovers that it is actually an alien life form that merges in part with his consciousness, taking on some degree of the Doctor's knowledge and memories. Upon defeating the Thought Eaters, the Doctor is given the psychomorph (now in humanoid form) by the Xeraphin as a personal servant. Reluctant to "own" any other being, the Doctor orders the creature to develop itself and gives it the identity of George, a generic name he has used in the past to describe any form of android or artificial humanoid.

List of AppearancesEdit

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