Gordon England Doctor
No. stories: 4 (to date)
First appearance: A Stitch in Time
Last appearance: Phantoms from the Future
Preceded by: Chris Hoyle Doctor
Succeeded by: John Ruth Doctor
Series: The Projection Room


Emphatic, principled, stubborn, and yet unashamedly sentimental: traits seen aplenty in this incarnation of the Doctor. From his adventures so far, the England Doctor has been plagued by the Daleks and the Master almost in equal measure – in fact it was after being gunned down by the Daleks, led by the Master, that Gordon England's incarnation was born.

Whether he's being used as a puppet in some macabre game of the Master's in A Stitch in Time, fighting to save the Universe from the horrors of a newly-formed Galactic superpower in the epic Masterplan, or being dragged into a diabolical trap set by his arch-nemesis in Pudsai, this incarnation of the Doctor is a fierce defender of righteousness with an equally-strong love for his companions.

In terms of canon Doctors, this incarnation appears to be a distillation of traits from the Second and Seventh incarnations predominantly.

Most recently we have seen this Doctor, threatened by impending doom foretold by vivid and traumatic premonitions, seek out his past companions Flynn Wright and Devlin Y'Eri, in a bid to ensure their safety, little knowing that the seeds of their destiny have been inadventanly sown... 


In ActionEdit


Masterplan - Part 4


A Stitch in Time - Part 2


Masterplan - Part 2


Masterplan - Part 2


Masterplan - Part 4

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