Graekatziasa'asterus (Grae)
Home planet: Gallifrey
Travelled with: TDWP Eight Doctor, TDWP Tenth Doctor / DRE: Ronn Smith Doctor, Jeff Niles Doctor
First appearance: TDWP: Blossom Core / DRE: War Torn
Last appearance: TDWP: Red Shift / DRE: The Time That Was
Portrayed by: Laura Post (War Torn, parts 1-3) / Sara Garrard (War Torn, part 4 - on)
Series: The Doctor Who Project / Dream Realm Enterprises

Character HistoryEdit

The Doctor Who ProjectEdit

In the Doctor Who Project Universe, Grae is the youngest Time Lord to have been recruited into the Celestial Intervention Agency. She graduated from the Prydonian Academy two terms early with marks that easily overshadowed those of the Doctor. Her field of study was Time Theory. She often speaks of the Madame Lord-President supporting her and was in fact recommended by her to the Agency.

She is modest, exceeding intelligent, positive, but naïve in her outlook of the universe. While growing up in the Citadel she often dreamed of being able to travel the cosmos like the Doctor whom she looks upon with respect and awe. Despite her growing up on Gallifrey, she’s from the most recent generation of young Gallifreyans, one that actually views the Doctor as a hero. While traveling in the TARDIS, she looks upon the Doctor as a teacher and a trusted friend.

Like most Time Lords, Grae has modest telepathic abilities, she’s quick with a sonic screwdriver and often leaves the Doctor breathless by her ability to repair things. She also is learning to master hypnosis. She can hypnotize people for brief spells but is unable to hold it for long.

On the flip side of Grae’s naïve personality lays exceptional intelligence, and great mind for logical problem solving. She is also a trusting and loyal friend. The bond she forged with Tamara Scott in Blossom Core was strong, they became like sisters. They often sided with the other against the Doctor in arguments. Tamara's death and erasure from the time lines effected her in ways she couldn't have anticipated and it ultimately caused a wedge between her and the Doctor that could never fully heal. It also caused her to never be able to properly bond with another companion, Taryn.

While mourning both Tamara's death and Taryn's eventual betrayal, she became vulnerable to the malignant force of the Mara while meditating. Double-crossing the creature before it was exorcised, she used its powers to syphon her artron energy into recreating Tamara Scott's time line. The act saved her friend, but destroyed her ability to regenerate beyond her second incarnation (known as "Alice").

This act caused the Time Lords to abduct her from the Doctor's TARDIS to be put on trial for her actions.

In the Season 38 Story, "Second Life" it is discovered that after having been sentanced to exile, her former benifactor, the former Lord President Quella volunteered to serve out her exile in her place, allowing Grae a limited access back into the Celestial Intervention Agency, albeit as a file clerk on a remote outpost. Once it was discovered that an old enemy had escaped imprisonment on Shada, Grae was given a TARDIS and joined the TDWP Tenth Doctor and his companions Tom Brooker and Val Rossi as well as a new version of Tamara Scott in order to defeat the evil Bramahl once and for all.

Dream Realm EnterprisesEdit

The Grae of the Dream Realm Enterprises Doctor Who universe is essentially the same character, with the exception that the "Alice" incarnation (her 2nd in TDWP) is her first incarnation and she regenerates in at the end of her first story, War Torn, into the version readers of TDWP were familiar with. This, however, is not a continuation of the TDWP storyline, but a re-establishment of the character in a different universe. Note: In "War Torn," the familiar version of Grae goes by the name of "Camille" for the majority of the story, due to post-regeneration trauma. Camille was the shortened version of a fellow female Celestial Intervention Agency Operative on Grae's mission.

Grae was created by Kyle Borcz

List of AppearancesEdit

The Doctor Who ProjectEdit

Season 29Edit

Blossom Core

Season 30Edit

Tears of Rassilon
Leaving the Red

Season 31Edit

The Children's Crusade
The Covenant of Lord Byron's Bones
New Born
Split Infinities

Season 32Edit

No Rest for the Wicked
The Soul Men
Flat Pack
And the Clocks Struck Thirteen

Season 33Edit

The Dawn of Time
The White Death

Season 38Edit

Second Life
Blue Shift
Red Shift


Stone and Cauldron
Beauty is Only...

Dream Realm EnterprisesEdit

War Torn
The Lost
The Snare
The Time That Was


Grae's Time Travel Journal


Blossom Core


The Time Detectives (Coming Autumn 2018 from TDWP)