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Grant Markham
Home planet: Agora
Home era: 22nd Century
Travelled with: Sixth Doctor, Koral
Series: New Missing Adventures

Character HistoryEdit


First meeting with the DoctorEdit

Grant first met the Doctor in the year 2191 when his home city of New Tokyo on New Earth was transported into a Marston Sphere. Grant used his computer programming skills to defeat a giant robot dinosaur that was terrorising the city. Although the Doctor was able to save New Tokyo, at the end of the story Grant stayed with him to become his companion. (MA: Time of Your Life)

Further adventuresEdit

Grant's next adventure with the Doctor was on his birthplace, the planet Agora, again in the year 2191. They discovered that the Cybermen had been using the planet to gather strong males to use in the cyber-conversion process. Grant met his father, Ben Taggart, who was later killed in an unsuccessful attempt to convert him into a Cyberman as Grant watched. This moved Grant to volunteer to become a Bronze Knight, one of a resistance group of Agorans who themselves used cybernetic implants to become stronger in order to defeat the Cybermen. He was convinced not to give up his humanity by the Knights' creator, the scientist Maxine Carter. The Cybermen attacked the Bronze Knights and slaughtered them all, but Grant lowered their base's temperature and deactivated the Cybermen. (MA: Killing Ground)


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