Invader of the Dead
Doctor Who Time and Space episode
Eleventh Doctor (Rhys Cropper)
Gregson Ranch (Kyle Cropper)
Writer Daniel Isaac and Rhys Cropper
← Preceded by Followed by →
"Silent to the Grave" "Atoms of the Axos"

Invader of the Dead is the 2009 Christmas Special set between Seasons 1 and 2 of Time and Space.

It stars a new actor as the 11th Doctor Rhys Cropper and Kyle Cropper as Gregson Ranch. Although it was released during season 1 it in fact takes place before episode 1, being a prequel.


Set only a couple of hours before Atoms of the Axos, a girl is seen running through a colony, she is attacked by a Dalek and then killed.

The Doctor and Gregson arrive at LV 46, an old abandoned colony. It is there that they discover a dalek lurking about the place. They are soon saved by a local survivor who's name is unknown. Together the three of them race to the car outside, to escape, bu the survivor decides to stay behind and hold off the dalek. With the Doctor and Gregson drivng away, the dalek soon gets to them and blows up the car.

The Doctor awakens to find himself alive and well, but his companion is not so lucky, and has died from the explosion. The Doctor leaves the wreckage and goes back to his tardis where he forceably regenerates into his 12th incarnation (James Burnell) When he awakens from his regeneration, he gets an alarm signal telling him that there is an axon on earth. This continues on into Season 1


The Doctor - Rhys Cropper

Gregson Ranch - Kyle Cropper

LV 46 Survivor - Daniel Isaac

Running Girl - Kate Isaac

and Introducing James Burnell as the Doctor.


- The survivor seen in this episode is in fact the Doctor in his 13th incarnation. This will be explained in season 3

- Gregson Ranch was mentioned in S1E6, when David says that Gregson is his adoptive father

- Rhys Cropper appears as the 11th Doctor in Invader of the Dead, Destiny's Call and Brothers of Time

- This is the episode where we first see a regeneration

- Two Gregsons are actually in the events of this episode, there is present Gregson, and past Gregson, seen in Brothers of Time

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