Iron legion j card
Iron Legion
Season: 34
Story Number: 167
Doctor: James K Flynn Doctor
Companions: Christine, Moira Skye
Writer: Raymond De Long and David Segal
Producer: DWAD
Release Date: 2006
Running Time: 78 minutes
No. Episodes: 3 episodes
Previous Story: The Napoleon of Shadows
Following Story: Project Alpha



In the Books of Old, the Doctrines and Covenants by which we live are laid out for all to know and take to heart. Obedience is Life, and Life comes from Obedience. Those who disobey face Annihilation.

It is through obedience that our crops will grow, that goods are produced, and our society will function. And it is through our strict duty to the Covenants laid out by our forefathers that the Sleeper will not awaken.

Tend to your tasks. Do not look at the Temple. Do not speak of the Terror. And the Dothan will not return.


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The Doctor: James K Flynn
Christine: Rachel Sommers
Moira Skye: Karen Holliday
Denny Vassar: Chris Thomson
Artis Vassar: Thomas Himinez
Journalist: Patrick Stalling
Zendra: Diane Matson
Greeter: Peter Hinchman
Lance: David Segal
Kal: Julio Angel Ortiz


Script Editor: Fawn Adamson
Title Music: Murray Gold
Graphics: WHO3D
Cover Artwork: Matthew Chambers
Story by: Raymond De Long
Additional Script: David Segal
Special Sounds: BBC Radiophonic Workshop
Continuity: Dusty McRee
Produced by: Allen Davidson
Director: Thomas Himinez

Production NotesEdit

Production Code: 11G2
(c) 2006 SegalCHORD Productions


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