James norman
Home era:
possibly 21st century
Doctors travelled with :
11th doctor 12th doctor
apprences :
11th doctor - ????-???? 12th Doctor-Born again
Actor :

James norman is a 27 year old russain man who meets the 11th doctor after his flat in new york is attacked by giant cockroches! not alot is known about this compaion execept that he used to run a mob and was in great debt to the croach king who was infact an alien and shot dead by James with his SPAS-12 Style Shotgun.


James norman in his first adventure.(Niko belic GTA 4)

Clothes Edit

  • Day Old Facial Hair
  • Leather Bomber Jacket
  • Blue Track Pants
  • Fleece Jacket
  • Fingerless Gloves
  • Grey Zip Up
  • Ribbed Mock Turtleneck

In born again his jacket is badly ripped and one off his gloves have gone, his track bottoms are also rippied and one leg looks like ripped sorts while the other more 3 quarter lenghths.

Behind the scenes Edit

  • James is slightly based on GTA 4s Niko Bellic mainly the clothes and voice also the mob side of him
  • James may return in a  new doctor who audio starring 12th doctor

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