Jaws of the Jestlatt


First Mentioned: "The End of Time"
First Appearance: Doctor Who Animeted: "The Star"

The Jestlatt are a race of brain like creatures that create entire ship like stuctures around themselves. These ships can vary in size and design, and are mostly crewless. Many Jestlatt are content to roam the universe in small vessels and observe peacefully, living long lives protected by their metallic shells. However some can become so powerful and big that the pursuit of power to keep them sustained superceedes their quest for knowledge. This has lead to some Jestlatt ships become so huge that they need entire planets to power them and to keep them alive. These huge and powerful ships, as large as worlds themselves, are known as the Jaws of Jestlatt. These Jestlalt, though, are not themselves above pity for the "lesser races" worlds they devour, and seed nearby planets with sleeper agents to negotiate with the governments of their target plants. Give them enough of their population to feed on and they will leave their plants alone, until the next time they come around.

The Animeted Ninth Doctor comes across one in the upcoming Christmas special, "The Star", after rescuing a rather annoyed Frobisher from the Zoo (who is apparntly now permantly stuck in his Penguin form as a result of the Time War) and has to contend with the panicking government of Earth and it's potential destruction at the hands of a very hungry Jaw.

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