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Coburn Era

Jeffrey Coburn

Season Twenty Eight
No. Title Writer Episodes
136 Apollyon by John Mark and Michelle Taylor 4 episodes
137 The Price of Paradise by Robin-Mary Manseth 4 episodes
138 Dark Dreams by Joseph Medina 5 episodes
139 Target Zylon by Thomas Himinez 4 episodes
140 The Time Brokers by John S. Drew 4 episodes

Season Twenty Nine
No. Title Writer Episodes
141 Fictional Hypothesis by Sarah G. Hadley 2 episodes
142 Empire of the Daleks by Joseph Medina and Thomas Himinez 6 episodes
143 The Doomsday Signal by John S. Drew 5 episodes
144 The Backbone of Night by Jamie Lawson 4 episodes
145 The Augury of Death by Paul Ebbs 4 episodes

Season Thirty
No. Title Writer Episodes
146 The Warlords of Apshai by Joseph Medina 4 episodes
147 Devinaura IV by Raymond De Long 5 episodes
148 Morningstar Manor by Joshua Schrodier 3 episodes
149 Mesomorph by John S. Drew and Joseph Medina 3 episodes
150 The Crimson Scarab by Paul Ebbs 4 episodes

Season Thirty One
No. Title Writer Episodes
151 The Seventh Dungeon of Drakmoore by Thomas Himinez 4 episodes
152 Shadow of the Dragon by Lance Hall 4 episodes
153 Radio 2000 by John S. Drew 5 episodes
154 The Hidden Menace by Robert Dunlop 4 episodes
155 The Chronic Rift by John S. Drew 6 episodes

Followed by The Jym DeNatale Era.
Preceeded by The David Segal Era.

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