Judgement World
Jaime Carroll
Nip & Strider
Writer Jaime Carroll
Director Jaime Carroll
Broadcast 23rd April, 2007
Production code 1.2
Running time 25 minutes
Number of
1 episode
← Preceded by Followed by →
"Sea Of Souls" "Child Of Destruction"

Judgement World is the second episode of the first season of Doctor Who: The 11th Regeneration


The Doctor takes Nip and Strider to the planet, Mandag which happens to be in a war between the savage Maal and the Laudorians. Nip and Strider are then caught by the Maal and placed under imprisonment. The Doctor searches for them but is found and rescued by Commander Tuvak of the Laudorians. Commander Tuvak shows the Doctor the great hall of the Laudorians and the energy beam that keeps their planet held in place so they don't get swallowed in by the orbiting black hole. The Energy beam shuts down which causes violent earthquakes which means that the planet will be sucked into the black hole. The Doctor promises to save the planet but will first save his friends first. Before the Maal kill Nip and Strider, the Doctor stops them and promises their survival if they let his friend go. The Doctor, Nip and Strider plan to use the forcefield of the TARDIS to circle around Mandag and transport it to a diiferent region in space. But, they're too late. The Planet Mandag falls into the black hole and it's inhabitants, the Laudorians and the Maal die. The Doctor can't believe what he has done and feels remorse. Nip and Strider cheer him up by telling him they are up for more travels in time and space. The happier Doctor takes control of the TARDIS and the trio continue their journey in time and space.

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