DeNatale Era

Jym DeNatale

Season Thirty Two
No. Title Writer Episodes
156 The Perfection Society by John S. Drew 4 episodes
157 The Soulstealers by Shelly Dean 4 episodes
158 Past Imperfect by Julio Angel Ortiz 5 episodes
159 The Chimera's Game by Robert Dunlop 2 episodes
160 Memoriam by Julio Angel Ortiz 3 episodes

Twentieth Anniversary Special
No. Title Writer Episodes
--- The Webs of Time by Raymond De Long 2 episodes

Season Thirty Three
No. Title Writer Episodes
161 Time's Champions by Robin-Mary Manseth 15 episodes

Followed by The James K Flynn Era.
Preceeded by The Jeffrey Coburn Era.

See AlsoEdit

The Doctor Who Audio Dramas (DWAD)

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