Killer Queen
Tenth Doctor Missing Adventures episode
Tenth Doctor
Writer Catkind121
Broadcast 17th September
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"Enter: Bast" "The Truth"



The Doctor has unfinnished business at the Hive a hive that floats in space. It is colonised by bug like aliens. But the king has been killed. He arrange with the doctor that he could use a jewel to destroy an alien threat. Meanwhile Cat finds a body and realises that there is a muderer at work.


  • Tenth Doctor - Comes to take a Green crystal to the planet but before he goes he heres that the king has died. Later a invert tells him that the king was killed.
  • Catrona - Finds several dead bodies and ends up sniffing a dead body trail.
  • Queen Hira - Queen of the Inverts Arranged the assination of her husband later uses the Green Crystal to warp the light and transform Catrona into a were cat.
  • Zeff - Male Invert he killed the former king for 1 million credits. He has meanwhile taken out people who know the truth.
  • Sigmund - Former Invert Advisor to the king he got wind of word that he would be killed. He failed to protect him. Ends up getting killed by Catrona while she is in full werecat form.
  • Wayne - A male Invert reporter who is going to tell the world of what Queen Hira had done. Nearly gets killed.
  • Urlanna - An old Invert woman she tells Wayne that her son went missing. Catrona later finds out her son was murdered by Zeff. He was burned alive in seconds.


  • Queen Hira makes Catrona Transforms with Ruby Crystal. She uses her to kill the doctor this fails but Catrona in Werecat form kills someone else. When she finds out she feels guilt.
  • Catrona has trandformed into full Werecat form in every story she has been in.

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