Kris O'Connor
Kris O'Connor
Home planet: Earth
Home era: 2011
Travelled with: The Twelveth Doctor
First appearance: Good Afternoon Miss O'Connor
Last appearance: TBA
Portrayed by: Amber Warren
Series: Doctor Who (The Ryan Gargett Era)

Character DescriptionEdit

Kris is a head strong 20 year old women from Newcastle in the 21st Century. She formerly belonged to a gang before discovering a more interesting life with the Doctor.

Character HistoryEdit

Kris grew up in Newcastle where from a young age she became involved in a gang, whom essentially raised her from being around 10 years old. Whilst she enjoyed the thrill of the activities she undertook she felt that there was something more to life.


Kris first met the Doctor in the early days of 2012 when she accidentially bumped into him in the middle of a robbery, taking little interest in him initially.
Kris & the Doctor


Later in that day however thunderclouds hit the area and she soon ended up working with the Doctor. Her first visit through time was to the previous day to learn what was summoning the storm, he later assisted the Doctor in defeating the "Elementors of Ethos" earning her place aboard the TARDIS.

To be expanded...


Kris is set to appear in every episode of series one, however there is consideration of her missing one episode due to the storyline taking place in the series.


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