Kronos Squared Cover
Kronos Squared
Season: N/A
Story Number: N/A
Doctor: Mathew Urch Doctor
Companions: Whitney Anderson
Zacharias Cobb
Writer: Kyron Mallett
Producer: CP Studios
Release Date: N/A
Running Time: N/A
No. Episodes: 3
Previous Story: Calladra

"You know I’m detecting a distinct lack of trust between the occupants of this planet."



The twin planets of Kronos I and Kronos II are a legendary galactic anomaly. Two wholly identical planets - side-by-side, no less! Things in the slave trade between the two are swiftly building to a fever pitch, and when the Doctor makes an alarming discovery the existence of both planets may be in serious jeopardy.


This story has been lost in a hard drive wipe. Even if a script were found, the author has denied any use of his stories since this time. It is not canon to the rest of CP Studios' continuity.

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